Long lasting cosmetic make-up

Micropigmentation is becoming one of the most popular treatments within the cosmetic industry.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is the implantation of colour into the upperdermal layer of skin. The equipment and pigments used are specially designed to give a natural enhancement of the facial features of eyebrows, eyelining and lips.

Benefits of Micropigmentation:

• Anyone who desires the freedom from daily make up application
• People with sparse, thinning eyebrows and eyelashes
• Less make up to apply, suitable for busy professional women
• Visually impaired; people who wear glasses
• Physically impaired; women who have diffi culty drawing on eyebrows
• Anyone wanting eyebrows & eyeliner that won’t smudge or wipe off
• People who lose their eyebrows through radiotherapy or chemotherapy
• Alopecia sufferers
• The gym or sports person who wants to look good during exercise

The Cost

For these highly skilled procedures only the very best quality equipment and pigments are acceptable.
The cost depends on the area being treated, the amount of pigment used for the particular procedure, the disposable equipment, topical anesthetic and other materials, as well as the skill and expertise of the practitioner.


If you are unsure if Micropigmentation is for you. You can have a consultation with Alicia to discuss your particular needs. Knowing all the facts first will give you the confidence to proceed with this time saving procedure.

Micropigmentation Price List:


1st Visit

2nd Visit

Booking Fee - $50


Consultation - $45


Eyebrows - Soft Block Colour

$355.00 $195.00

Eyebrows - Hair Strokes

$355.00 $195.00

Upper Eyeliner

$320.00 $125.00

Lower Eyeliner

$295.00 $100.00

Upper & Lower Eyeliner

$420.00 $185.00

Lip Liner

$390.00 $110.00

Lip Blend (Full Lip Creation)

$525.00 $155.00

Beauty Spot

$150.00 $50.00

Clinic Hourly Rate For Touch-Up - $225.00



Facts about Micropigmentation

• The length of time the pigment remains in the skin depends on the health of the skin and the skins ability to absorb the pigment.
• Permanency also depends on the pigment colour implanted.
• Time variations are from 3 - 5 years

Discomfort Factor

• Topical Anesthetics and numbing creams developed specifically for the use of Micropigmentation, are used before and during the whole procedure.
• Discomfort is kept to a minimum.

Recovery Time

• The healing of the skin for all cosmetic make up procedures will take an average of seven days to heal.
• Flaking of the skin will be experienced by most people.

Number of Treatments Needed

• The original treatment will need to be followed up by a second treatment six to eight weeks later.